Father's Day
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 22

First published:

August 2012





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Venom #21

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Venom #23


Father's Day

Venom is swinging through the city reminiscing about his past. It is Father's Day; Jack O'Lantern survived his last encounter with Venom and is now killing innocent people leaving Venom a trail to find him. Flashback to Flash's childhood with his abusive father. Swinging through the city again he think about how his dad was broken. Flashback to a teenage Flash getting beat up by his father. Following Jack's trail, Venom enters the sewers and finds a door with an X on it. He finds a man sitting at a table with a hollowed out head. Flashback to Flash's mom defending his father for beating him. Back in the room the dead body has a bomb under it; it explodes. Flashback to Flash in high school telling his dad about football; his dad is unimpressed. With flames all around, Jack attacks Venom from behind and cuts his back. Flashback to Flash's dad hitting his sister. Jack cuts Venom again in the chest. Venom crawls along the rubble to his gun. Jack steps on his head and as he is about to deliver the final blow Venom uses the symbiote to grab his gun and shoot Jack in the head. He beats him down, but does not kill him. Venom carries Jack's body off. Jack is in prison. Venom is in The Lighthouse finishing his story to the Secret Avengers. Betty is seen throwing away all of her pictures with him. Flash's mother is sitting and looking out of her window. Flash is back in his apartment, gets into bed, and turns off the light.