Savage Six, Part 4: Best Laid Plans...
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 21

First published:

July 2012





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Venom #20

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Venom #22


Savage Six, Part 4: Best Laid Plans...

Outside The Abandoned Shipyard two of Crime Master's guards are talking. One reveals himself to be Venom in disguise and kills the other. There is a trail of dead guards. Inside Bennett explains to Betty how he survived after being shot down and how he came to be Crime Master. A guard busts in and lets them know Venom has arrived.

Venom fights Megatak and gets knocked out when Toxin arrives and bites Megatak's head. Venom fights Toxin, but does not want to hurt Eddie who is trapped inside the symbiote. Throwing a smoke bomb, Venom sets up a decoy of himself that Toxin attacks. This allows Venom to surprise attack Toxin and rip a dazed Eddie out of the symbiote before setting it on fire. As it is on fire, the Toxin symbiote grabs Eddie and pulls him in. Eddie and the symbiote are both on fire, screaming in pain. Realizing that the fire would destroy his symbiote, Venom leaves and looks for Betty.

Escorted by Jack O'Lantern, Betty listens to Crime Master explain how he is going to kill Flash. Flash is seen up in the rafters. Jack attacks him and as Flash jumps down on top of him, Jack lands in a vat of toxic waste.

Crime Master uses a sonic gas gun to immobilize Venom and then a vaporized napalm gun to set the symbiote on fire. As he is about to shoot Flash, Betty kills Crime Master.

With his family safe, Flash takes Betty outside where she tells him that she never wants to see him again.

Venom then returns to the Avengers Lighthouse Station where he tells them that he has been screwing up since he got the symbiote and it is now time to come clean.