Savage Six, Part 3: The Truth
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 20

First published:

July 2012





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Venom #19

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Venom #21


Savage Six, Part 3: The Truth

Venom goes to Flash's mother's apartment. He finds the apartment empty. As he inspects the acidic vomit The Human Fly left behind, Death Adder attacks. Death Adder cuts Venom with his poison claws and throws him through a wall. Feeling the effects of the poison, Venom becomes dizzy. He grabs a dozen kitchen knives and launches them at Death Adder. They continue to fight as neighbors gather around outside the apartment. Flash uses the acid puke to shock himself and overcome the poison.

Death Adder goes to attack a civilian outside the apartment but is stopped by Venom. He throws Death Adder through a wall. When Death Adder breaks through another door and tries to attack a young woman and her baby, Venom grabs him from behind and breaks his neck. Venom then leaves the apartment complex in search of The Human Fly.

Betty Bryant wakes up in a room at The Abandoned Shipyard. Crime Master speaks to her through an intercom and tells her to meet him.

In the sewers on the Lower East Side, Flash's mother hears screams. Venom is cutting The Human Fly's wings off. He wants to know where Betty is.

Back at The Shipyard Betty meets Crime Master who is revealed to be her brother, Bennett Bryant. He tells her that he plans to kill Flash Thompson.