Savage Six, Part 2: Family
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 19

First published:

June 2012


Remender and Bunn



Previous issue:

Venom #18

Next issue:

Venom #20


Savage Six, Part 2: Family

Flash has just revealed to Betty that he is Venom. She responds by slapping him, but agrees to go with him to stay safe. Stealing a cell phone from a pedestrian, they attempt to call Flash's mother but cannot reach her.

The phone is ringing in Mrs. Thompson's house but she is laying on the floor crying as The Human Fly looms over her.

Betty tries to call Flash's sister, Jessie, but Megatak has located them and attacks through the cell phone. They swing to Jessie's apartment and Flash has Betty wait on the fire escape. Venom goes inside and finds that Jack O'Lantern got to Jessie's husband and carved out his brain. Venom then hears his sister's voice, but in actuality Jack's little devil dolls are mimicking her voice. Venom begins to fight them, but runs for Betty when they begin a countdown and explode.

As they escape, Venom notices Jack O'Lantern has been watching. He follows Jack and finds that he has Jessie. Venom fights Jack in the air; Venom shoots Jack and Jack puts Venom on fire. As Venom recovers from the fire, Jack tosses Jessie from the rooftop.

Venom saves Jessie only to see Toxin take Betty.

The Human Fly is seen in a house eating flesh off of bones.