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Savage Six, Part 1: Public Enemies
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 18

First published:

May 2012


Remender and Bunn



Previous issue:

Venom #17

Next issue:

Venom #19


Savage Six, Part 1: Public Enemies

Venom arrives at Betty's apartment to make sure she is safe. When he discovers she is not there he calls her cell phone, but she doesn't answer. He finds a reminder she left for herself to meet Peter for coffee.

At the coffee shop Peter and Betty talk about Flash's distant behavior lately. Betty's phone rings - it is Flash. Peter urges her to answer when she is less angry. Peter leaves the coffee shop; Flash calls Betty's phone once more - she ignores it.

Betty goes to order food when a gentlemen offers to pay her bill; it is Jack O'Lantern. She recognizes him as Flash's friend from Venom 10 . He asks to go somewhere private to talk about Flash. When she resists, he grabs her arm.

Venom bursts through the coffee shop window and begins punching Jack to the ground. A scared Betty uses sonic pepper spray to remove Venom from Jack. Venom grabs the sonic spray and tells Betty to run. Venom begins to fight Jack once more when Megatak appears from a cell phone to stop him. Venom webs Jack, throws him into Megatak and escapes.

As he is swinging, he uses his cell phone to call The Avengers. Megatak intercepts the call and punches Venom through the phone sending him to the ground. Venom gets up, grabs Betty out of the crown and takes her to the rooftops. He destroys her phone and tries to gain her trust.

As they are swinging, Toxin grabs and throws them to the ground. Venom warns the pedestrians and Betty to run as he takes on Toxin. Venom unleashes the rest of the sonic pepper spay on Toxin, rendering Eddie and the symbiote unconscious. To buy himself some time, Venom webs Toxin up and leaves him on the street and then persues Betty.

Venom finds her in an alley where he reveals himself to be Flash.




  • New York City