Savage Six: Prologue
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 17

First published:

April 2012


Remender and Bunn



Previous issue:

Venom #16

Next issue:

Venom #18


Savage Six: Prologue

Flash is at home struggling without the symbiote. He calls Hank Pym and makes up a lie to get the symbiote.

Venom is out swinging around the town; Eddie Brock watches him.

The Crime Master is in his hideout with Jack O'Lantern, Megatak, and Death Adder when The Human Fly joins them. Crime Master asks The Human Fly to join his team.

In the rafters Venom has Crime Master's head in his sniper scope. Crime Master offers The Human Fly protection if he will work for him. The Human Fly joins The Savage Six. Venom is about to pull the trigger when he is shot with a sonic bullet from the side by Eddie Brock. Brock keeps firing and knocks Venom from the rafters. The symbiote is docile because of Pym's medicine.

Venom webs Brock up to the rafters and opens fire on The Savage Six. Megatak creates a shield and protects the villains.

Jack O'Lantern attacks Venom with pumpkin bombs, Death Adder uses his poisonous claws to rip at the symbiote, and The Human Fly uses his bile to knock Venom down.

He falls at the feet of Crime Master who threatens to kill his family. Venom pulls a gun on Crime Master, but Megatak creates another shield and stops the bullet.

Venom shoots a web and escapes. Jack finds Brock webbed to the rafters and cuts him down.

When Brock awakes he is in a lab with Crime Master and Jack. They open a canister and a symbiote takes over Eddie.

Eddie Brock becomes Toxin.