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Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 16

First published:

April 2012





Previous issue:

Venom #15

Next issue:

Venom #17



Venom is sent by the Avengers to ride a bullet train in route to The Raft. Inside the train Venom talks with the captured Human Fly. The Human Fly tells him that he stole millions of dollars from The Kingpin before Venom caught him. He stole the money to buy a future for his nine year old son. If he doesn't return the money, The Kingpin will kill his son. Wanting a second chance he pleads with Venom. When Venom turns his back, the Fly simply asks him to give a letter in his belongs to his son, Sammy.

A guard informs Venom that The Kingpin put a ten million dollar marker on The Fly and that one of the madroids guarding him is going to kill him. Venom discovers that it is the guard who is there to assassinate The Fly. As Venom tries to move The Fly to a more secure location, the guard sent to kill him reveals himself to be The Hobgoblin.

The Hobgoblin offers Venom a contract - Help kill The Human Fly, then help kill Crime Master and Jack O'Lantern for ten million dollars. With The Hobgoblin's flaming sword at his neck, he agrees to the arrangement. The Fly spits on The Hobgoblin, blinding him temporarily. Venom attacks, but The Goblin's high pitch scream stops the symbiote.

Venom is able to recompose himself, web and tackle The Goblin through the side of the train. As they fall, Venom is stabbed with the flaming sword but is able to catch himself in his webbing before falling to the ground.

Back on the train, The Fly is about to escape when The Hobgoblin grabs him on the roof. Narrowly escaping the flame sword, The Fly cuts The Goblin with his poisonous wings, spits his acid on him, and begins eating his neck. This Kingpin sits and listens through the intercom.

The Goblin stabs The Fly and managers to stand up. The remaining security guards try to stop the villains, but The Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb in their direction. It explodes and knocks the guards back. As the train goes under a bridge, Venom busts in on a motorcycle. The bike hits The Goblin and knocks him off the train. Venom raises a gun towards The Fly when he hears a cry for help.

Venom must decide on helping the guard who is hanging on for his life or let kill The Fly. The Fly pleads that he will turn himself in once he saves his son. Venom saves the guard as he watches The Human Fly fly away asking Venom once more to deliver the letter to his son.

Venom finds the letter and reads it. "I don't have a son!"




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