Home Again
Comic Book series: Venom
Issue Number: 15

First published:

April 2012





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Venom #14

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Venom #16


Home Again

Hybrid is jumping from rooftop to rooftop when he is brought down by Eddie Brock. Brock uses a sonic gun and fries the symbiote and Scott Washington.

Venom is stationed in The Lighthouse Space Station. Beast explains to the Secret Avengers how the symbiote is subdued and Flash will be able to control it without permanently bonding. Hank Pym gives him an emergency number to call if Flash is ever in trouble and needs the symbiote. Flash is successful in fooling The Avengers into thinking he and the symbiote have not already bonded.

Valkyrie takes Flash to the transporter where he is sent back to his apartment on earth. Peter Parker is waiting at his door when he arrives. Peter is worried about Flash since no one has heard from him in days. Flash lies and tells him he has been drinking since his dad died.

Scream is swinging through the city; she retreats to the sewers. Brock ambushes her with a sonic ball. Paralyzed by the sound, she is unable to fight him and he takes a knife to her back.

Peter and Flash talk over coffee at The Coffee Bean. Parker is about to get Flash to open up about what he has been going through when Flash's cell phone rings. It is his sister, Jessie, who wants him to visit his mother.

Flash visits his mother and sister. Lies to them and says he has been drinking again. He doesn't want them to be in any danger.

When Flash gets back to his apartment, Betty is waiting for him; she breaks up with him.