The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 -300
Comic Book series: The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
Issue Number: 300

First published:

May 1988





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The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) 299

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The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) 315


Mary Jane Parker cowers in fear in her and her husband's home. Peter enters the apartment wearing his black Spider-Man costume as MJ begs him to go away. Peter takes off his mask, MJ embraces him and tells Peter of a bulky creature that looked like Spider-Man asking where Mary Jane's boyfriend was. Mary Jane remarks that the intruder did not physically harm her and grew a mouth over his mask. Peter makes arrangements to move into a hotel for the night as he wonders what could've scared a strong woman like MJ. In an abandoned tenement in the South Bronx, the creature that attacked MJ talks to himself and says that if they couldn't find him, scaring the woman might lead him to them. The creature's costume disappears as he passes through shadows in the room and reveals himself to be a man. The man begins to lift weights in the room as he prepares to go in for the kill...




  • Peter and MJ's Apartment
  • Eddie Brock's Apartment
  • Lyden House Hotel
  • Battleworld (flashback)
  • Bedford Towers Condominium
  • May Parker's House
  • Our Lady of Saints Church
  • Four Freedom's Plaza


  • Though this cover has received many homages over the years, the first symbiote related homage would not come until Venom (Vol 2) #2.
  • Venom's first full character reveal was in the previous issue, but this issue marks the first reveal of the Eddie Brock charcater, Venom's origin, and Venom's first battle with Spider-Man.
  • Eddie Brock is shown smoking in one panel of his flashback, and the only other time he would be shown smoking would be in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25.
  • Venom's origin has been retold many times but was significantly reimagined  in Venom: Dark Origin.