The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 -298
Chance Encounter!
Comic Book series: The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
Issue Number: 298

First published:

March 1988





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The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) 299


The final page of this issue opens in the South Bronx in an abandoned tenement. In the tenement, a man looks at a wall plastered with news clippings of Spider-Man. The man talks to himself about how a dark shroud blankets the city but it pales in comparison to the shroud Spider-Man pulled on him. He vows to do the same "very... VERY... SOON!" to Spider-Man as he slams his fist into his open palm and a black mass flows over his hands.



  • Eddie Brock's apartment in the South Bronx


  • This issue marks the first cameo of the finalized character of Venom, the other cameo in Web of Spider-Man #18 was before it was even decided if the Venom character would be a man or woman.
  • The third floor from the top of the tenement Eddie Brock is staying in has the outside windows has graffiti that reads "DOWN WITH MUTANTS" with a peace sign beside it.