SecretWars SpiderIsland5
Part Five: The Grande Finale
Comic Book series: Secret Wars: Spider-Island
Issue Number: 5

First published:

December 2015





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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #4

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In Spider-Man's stealth suit, Agent Venom leads Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Vision, Wolf Man Captain America, Vampire Captain Marvel, and Lizard Hulk against a gigantic Spider-Queen on top of a skyscraper. As nothing is working against her, Spider-Man suggests a retreat, but Agent Venom refuses to back down.

He lunges towards her as she unleashes a super sonic scream that destroys the stealth suit. Agent Venom manages to land on The Queen's back as everyone else hits her with everything they got. Flash asks the symbiote to leave him and possess The Queen. The symbiote cooporates and takes over The Queen's body. As The Queen fights back and lets out another super sonic scream, she smashes Flash into a concrete wall. Spider-Man swings in to grab Flash as The Queen begs the symbiote to rule by her side with a stronger host than Flash. The symbiote reveals that Flash was not just a host, but a friend and forces The Queen and itself to fall from the skyscraper roof. On the ground, Stegron leads his army of regenerated dinosaurs to feast on the fallen Queen.

Flash suffered to many internal injuries, but is able to say good-bye to his friends before he dies a hero.

Days later, the citizens of Spider-Island are alive and well - despite being mutations of spiders, vampires, and lizards.