SecretWars SpiderIsland4
Part Four: Intelligent Design
Comic Book series: Secret Wars: Spider-Island
Issue Number: 4

First published:

November 2015





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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #3

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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #5


At the ruins of Avengers Manson in the sub-basement, Agent Venom regroups with his team. He explains to Spider-Man that since the breakout, he has been in full control of the symbiote. The team agrees that Agent Venom should lead them into the final battle against the Spider-Queen. Spider-Man gives him a stealth suit to provide protection against the Spider-Queen's sonic attack. Stegron assures everyone that his retro-generation ray is ready and Mary Jane and Betty Brandt agree to help in the upcoming battle.

At the Queen's Castle, formerly Avengers Tower, the Queen learns that her troops outside the Museum of Natural History failed to report back. She dispatches more troops, including Spider-Giant Man, Spider-Iron Fist, Spider-Black Panther, Spider-Beast, and Spider-MODOK for a direct assault.

Inside the museum, Stegon uses his retro-generation ray on the dinosaur fossils, bringing them back to life. The dinosaur team attacks the spider creatures.

As the Queen monitors the attack, she is ambushed by Agent Venom, Vision, Spider-Woman, Vampire Captain Marvel, Wolf-Man Captain America, and Lizard Hulk.

The Queen uses her sonic scream to stop Hulk and Captain Marvel. Spider-Man and Captain America fight off spider monsters as Agent Venom, Vision, and Spider-Woman attack the Queen. Another sonic scream stops Spider-Woman and disables Vision, but the stealth suit allows Agent Venom to immobilize her long enough for Spider-Man to web her mouth shut.

As she is down, the heroes contemplate whether or not they should kill her. As they discuss their options and turn to Agent Venom for a solution, the Queen evolves into a giant spider.