SecretWars SpiderIsland3
Part Three: Goblin Knight in Shining Armor
Comic Book series: Secret Wars: Spider-Island
Issue Number: 3

First published:

November 2015





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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #2

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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #4


At the Spider-Queen's prime research lab, Vision escapes with Spider-Man and Stegron The Dinosaur Man while Agent Venom covers him by attacking the horde of spider creatures closing in on them. Venom grabs a device and manages to escape to the outside of the facility where Spider-Woman, Goblin-Iron-Man, Vampire Captain Marvel, Lizard Hulk, and Wolf Man Captain America are battling Spider-Giant Man, Spider-Black Panther. The heroes blow up the facility and escape.

The former Avengers Tower is now the throne room of the Spider-Queen. The Spider-Queen regroups with her troops and plans the next attack on the heroes.

Back in the rebel underground, Spider-Man wakes up and briefed by Venom on what he has missed in the war. Spider-Man turns to Flash for leadership. Venom shows Spider-Man the device he took from the research lab - the Retrogeneration Ray. Iron Goblin and Stegron are working on it to get it working again. Spider-Man has doubts that Iron Man can keep the Goblin serum under control. Venom asks him to watch over their work.

96 hours later, Spider-Man is finishing a batch of Lizard formula when Venom and Vision return from being attacked. The Spider-Queen found and turned their friends, including Mary Jane and Betty Brandt, into spider creatures in an attempt to get them to use their serum on civilians instead of super humans. Venom decides it is their responsibility to save the ones they love, no matter what the queen wants.

Across town, Venom, Vision, Spider-Man, and Iron-Goblin capture their friends and injects them with the serum to break them from the Queen's hive mind control.

Back in the tunnels, the girls are recovering from being turned into spiders, when Vision discovers a tracking device embedded in them. Spider-Giant Man rips the roof of and the spider creatures swarm the hideout.

Iron Goblin volunteers for a suicide mission to attack the enemy while Agent Venom leads the other super humans and civilians to safety.