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Part Two: You Say You Want Evolution
Comic Book series: Secret Wars: Spider-Island
Issue Number: 2

First published:

October 2015





Previous issue:

Secret Wars: Spider-Island #1

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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #3


In the ruins of Horizon Labs, Agent Venom , Vision, and Spider-Woman are fighting Spider-Iron-Man , Spider-Iron Fist, and an army of spider creatures who are all under the influence of the Spider-Queen. As Spider-Iron Man takes care of Vision and Spider-Woman, Spider-Iron Fist uses his fists to create a sonic that stuns Agent Venom.

The heroes are saved by their newest allies, Vampire Captain Marvel, Lizard Hulk, and Wolf Man Captain America. Hulk smashes the wall and everyone escapes. Agent Venom tells the team they will come back for Iron Man and Iron Fist and vows to never leave anyone behind again.

However, Iron Man is in pursuit. As he is about to self destruct, Venom sprays him with Norman Osborn's Goblin formula turning Iron Man into a Goblin. With Goblin-Iron Man on their team, the group retreats back to the sewers below Manhattan.

At the base, Venom briefs the newly recruited heroes on the equipment they currently have. Goblin-Iron Man informs them that the queen keeps her brain trust in a heavily secured old A.I.M. base. Venom suggests they attack the base; Wolf Man Captain America puts him in charge to lead the attack. Goblin-Iron Man combines his armor with the Oscorp equipment in the base to become Iron Goblin.

At the Meatpacking District, the A.I.M. base if guarded by Spider-Giant Man, Spider-Black Panther, Spider-MODOK, and Spider-Beast. Disguised as a guard, Venom enters the facility along with Vision.

They locate Stegron The Dinosaur Man and use a serum to free him from the Spider Queen's control. Vison goes off to search for a device, but finds something more interesting. As he uses a control panel to open a door the alarm goes off. The door opens to reveal a maskless Spider-Man being kept alive in a container. Venom learns his secret identity.