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Part One: Altered States
Comic Book series: Secret Wars: Spider-Island
Issue Number: 1

First published:

September 2015





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Secret Wars: Spider-Island #2


In an alternate Universe, Manhattan falls and Spider-Island is the kingdom of the Spider-Queen. Everyone that got infected by the Spider-Virus was mutated and turned into a spider creature. Agent Venom enters the Roxxon Research & Development building and distracts a horde of spider creatures long enough for Vision to acquire a mysterious object and medical supplies.

As Venom and Vision are escaping the mob of spider creatures, they run into Werewolf by Night aka Jack Russell who helps them in the escape. The group is ambushed by Spider-Hulk who smashes the road and allows the heroes to retreat into the sewers.

In the sewers, Jack tells Venom that as a human he is part of the Spider-Queen's hive mind and that there is a cure kept at Horizon Labs.

Venom recalls the events at Horizon before the plague mutated and started affecting super humans. The non affected super heroes tried to take down the Spider-Queen, but failed after the Hulk and Captain America turned. The Spider-Queen's sonic scream disabled the symbiote and Flash was forced to retreat into the sewars until the symbiote could get back to him. Without Spider-Man, Flash feels defeated.

Venom enters a former S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house where Category: Captain America (Appearance)Vision and Spider-Woman are attending to wounded civilians. They enter a secret room filled with objects Venom has been collecting. Venom tells them about Jack's story of a cure at Horizon and devises a plan to retrieve it.

At Horizon Labs, Venom, Vision, Spider-Woman, and armed civilians break in to the building. Inside, Venom takes a quick detour to steal a vile with a substance inside. The heroes then battle through more spider monsters until reaching an empty room, where the cure was suppose to be held.

Spider-Captain Marvel appears and begins to attack. Spider-Hulk smashes through the wall as Spider-Captain America revealed that Jack was given false information to lead them into a trap. Venom then injects Spider-Captain Marvel with the vile he stole (which is the serum that made Dr. Michael Morbius into a living vampire), Vision places the mysterious object (the Godstone that turned John Jameson into the Man-Wolf) from Roxxon on Spider-Captain America, and Spider-Woman suthes Spider-Hulk with her pheromones long enough for Vision to give himDr. Curt Connors's Lizard serum. Hulk then transforms into Lizard-Hulk, Captain Marvel turns into a vampire, and Captain America is now a wolf man. The transformations remove the Spider-Queen's control over the heroes.

Spider-Iron Man and Spider-Iron Fist then bust through the door with an army of spider creatures.


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