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The One That Got Away Part One
Comic Book series: '
Issue Number: 1

First published:

November 2015





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Carnage #2


In rural Minnesota, Cletus Kasady is eating lunch at a diner. A news report comes on the TV about Manuela Calderon, the sole survivor of Kasady's first mass murder. Outraged that she apparently survived, Kasady transforms into Carnage killing everyone in the diner.

At the Grey Ridge Mine in West Virginia, Colonel Jameson meets with Agent Dixon to discuss the plan following the news report. Dixon explains that Calderon is baiting Carnage to come after her so that they can contain him. After meeting Caleron in person, Jameson meets the director of Grey Ridge, Barry Gleson who is providing the mine so that the FBI can use it to capture Carnage. Dixon then introduces Jameson to their back up plan, Eddie Brock. The FBI captured Brock using sonic cannons (which they plan on using on Carnage) in Philadelphia. He has the same symbiote dampener the government used to control the Venom symbiote on Flash.

At sunset, all of the potrol teams guarding the mine start to check in with headquarters. As they check in, Carnage beings picking them off one by one in the shadows. As Calderon explains how Carnage killed her mother, who was the live-in help at the all boy's school, Carnage attacks. The sonic cannons can't lock on; Brock repeatedly asks to be dispatched but is denied. Calderon is able to finally lure Carnage into the grid where is is locked on with giant sonic blasts. However, the ground beings to crumble and Carnage falls through into the mines below along with multiple FBI agents.

At daybreak, Jameson, Brock, Dixon, and Calderon go down the mines to hunt Carnage.


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